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Former Governor of Nagaland, PB Acharya inaugurated the Mission Million Books Exhibition on November 12 at Rotary Centre, Dimapur. Acharya also unveiled a Hearse (Dead Body Carrying Van) for the citizens of the state.

Speaking on the occasion as chief guest, Acharya said that there are 600 universities and 60 percent of educated people are unemployed in Nagaland as there are no opportunities.

“We must change our education system, and that academic education is not enough in today’s generation. School and University must educate students about practical education about entrepreneurships, industries and commerce,” stated  the former Governor.

Acharya believed that poverty can be eliminated by education, while adding that speaking in English is not knowledge but the content in the English is knowledge.

Acharya urged the gathering to empower the “un-empowered,” that it should be their agenda and teachers should become the game changer.

Acharya also advised the gathering to spread the schemes that are provided by the government which help financially to the students in schools and universities and added that educated people should learn to give back to the society and teach others especially in rural areas.

At the programme, Acharya also added that Christianity has done great things in Nagaland, while urging all to “also respect every religion.”

Addressing the gathering, Editor of Nagaland Post, Geoffery Yaden acknowledged the former Governor of Nagaland and said that even though he is former a Governor of Nagaland but his heart is in Nagaland and Northeast.

Yaden encouraged the gathering to read books as it does not need electricity, battery or network connection.
Speaking on the occasion, Director of Rotary International, Kamal Sanghvi stated that economy is based on knowledge and added that teachers are the one who can bring change.

‘One book, one pen, one teacher can change the world,’ He said.

Sanghvi informed that Illiterate adults are highest in India, while adding that by 2025, their goal is to eradicate illiteracy in India.

Sanghvi said that the world moves because of teachers, and whatever students are learning in mainland states, the same education can be learned at remote areas through e-learning, adding that child development is “very important and it is our future.”

Sanghvi informed the gathering that if we do not bridge the gap of adult literacy, we will not achieve 100 percent literacy rate and believed that if a child teach an adult, even the child will get the sense of productive society as well as make the adult literate.

Source (Murung Express)

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