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Fijeeha is committed to enriching journalism by empowering journalists. Towards this we attempt to undertake few initiatives and seek support from all. Among other, we wish to create a Support Group for Journalists comprising journalists and other groups including professionals, corporate houses, NGOs, individuals and other like organisations driven to support journalism. The aim of this Group would be to extend need-based help to journalists, especially from remote and rural areas. The help could be by way of facilitating journalists' access to information, organising training programmes, disseminating information on scholarships, attempting to work towards participation of journalists in exchange programme, seeking avenues for national and international travel for studies and research and so on.




  • P Aruna
    DC of Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
    District Collector P Aruna of Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
  • Nav Goel
    Deputy General Manager
    Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited

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