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1. Water-Gen has this fascinating technology - which brings about a unique synergy of God's two gifts to human kind which serve as its life line - water & air. How did the idea of turning water from air come about?
Fresh drinking water continues to be humanity's greatest challenge. Our atmosphere is the world's primary source of fresh water. The air around us is our solution, and Water-Gen is tapping that unlimited resource. Water-Gen's mission is to improve the quality of life of billions across the globe who face poor water sanitation or inaccessibility to clean drinking water.Water-Gen's cutting-edge technology provides an abundant, renewable source of fresh and clean drinking water by extracting it directly from the air. With the patented GENius, the world’s most energy-efficient Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) module of its kind, Water-Gen’s various water generator models can serve the water needs from a small house to whole villages to an entire country.

2. How does the GENius technology work? Kindly explain in an easy-to-understand manner?
Water-Gen's patented GENius technology is a highly mobile water generator with an integrated energy optimization module that enhances water production in response to external atmospheric conditions (day/night, seasons, geographic location, altitude, etc.) and is developed for fast and easy deployment in all weather conditions. Water-Gen invested many years of R&D to develop the GENius model. It is designed from thin plastic leaves (a thermally low-conductive material and an integral evaporator), stacked together to form a dual alternating air-streams that counter-flow to generate a gradient heat exchanger. The use of plastic is unique, allowing gradient cooling and heating of the air streams, while water condensation is limited to a small, predestined area.

3. What has been the success rate so far? Where all in the world you have deployed the GENius technology - and with what effect?
There is a global demand for clean and safe drinking water, and we are on every continent. Water-Gen is collaborating with local partners in the US, Latin American countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, Australia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, CIS countries, African countries, and China to provide clean and safe drinking water solutions in homes, schools, hospitals, and the communities where needed. For every community size, Water-Gen has the ability to help. The Large Scale Water Generators can potentially service billions around the world, including whole cities, villages, schools, and hospitals. The GEN-350G Medium Scale Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) was awarded the "Atmospheric Water Generation for Forward Operating Base" CCD Contract with the UK Ministry of Defense. The Genny, the Water from Air Home Appliance, is a plug and drink solution which makes it ideal for homes and offices with a quick and easy installation.

4. What are the various applications of water from air technology? Is it useful in industrial use also? 
The applications of the various Water-Gen models extend to:Independent drinking water systems (drinking water);  Residential/Commercial Buildings (drinking water); AWG + Solar (drinking water);  Emergency Situations; Industrial Water Generation; Military Applications;  Smaller Buildings/Private Homes (drinking water); and Home and Office Appliance.

5. A WaterAid report in 2016 ranked India among the worst countries in the world for the number of people without safe water. An estimated 76 million people in India have no access to a safe water supply, and the situation is only getting more serious. How does Water-Gen propose to address this challenge?
Israel-based Water-Gen is proud of the long-standing and fruitful cooperation between Israel and India. Water-Gen can solve India's drinking water crisis and immediately provide the safest and most cost-efficient drinking water to the people of India. The continuous availability of clean drinking water will improve the quality of life for India's population. In addition, by manufacturing Water-Gen units in India, we will be creating thousands of jobs and positively affecting India's economy. Water-Gen is determined to make India and the clean drinking water needs of the people of India one of our first priorities, while at the same time expanding the friendly cooperation between our two countries. 

6. What model do you have in mind for India - are you talking to Governments for Public Private Partnerships, or local NGOs or you have some other model of bringing this technology in India? You do have a partner in India - how are they going to sell and deploy it?
Water-Gen is ready to sell to everyone, from governments to institutions to NGOs and rely on a steady and strong import/export operation in order to make clean and safe drinking water at a low cost available immediately where it is most needed. On July 4th, Water-Gen signed a memorandum of understanding with India's SUN Group – whose Vice President is a member of the newly-formed Israel-India CEO forum that accompanying Prime Minister Modi to Israel. As part of the MOU, the two companies agreed to cooperate in the distribution of Water-Gen's cutting-edge technology in the Indian market, with an emphasis on the Indian military, official institutions, and government agencies.

7. How cost competitive this technology is - if we were to look at a mass deployment? 
Water-Gen's humanitarian and environmental efforts of water-from-air technology to provide clean and safe drinking water across the globe is both cost efficient and affordable at the low cost of less than 2 cents per liter. We are preparing to go to market at the end of the year. Water-Gen products will be priced affordably whereby countries such as Africa and India will be able to purchase them. We are a business company, but our vision is a humanitarian one. In the 21st century, there is no reason for any society to suffer a shortage of water. Water-Gen’s ability to deliver cost effective and commercially available solutions that generate fresh pure water directly from the atmosphere, at prices that are up to 10 times cheaper than local filtered well water (at developing world prices), is a true game changer for many tens of millions who only have access to contaminated drinking water. In these circumstances, people are constantly searching for water, requiring them to bring home every day ~20 liters of packaged drinking water per family.

8. What's the model of deployment - can it be community owned and community run or has to be managed externally, through experts?
Water-Gen is ready to sell the water-from-air units to everyone, governments, institutions, NGOs, and consumers. Our broad market strategy is focused on ensuring that everyone across the globe has the opportunity to have accessible, clean, safe and low-cost drinking water available to them immediately. Water-Gen plans to work with the municipality of New Delhi for a pilot in Connaught Place. By manufacturing Water-Gen units in India, we will be creating scores of jobs for India's citizens and positively affecting your economy. Our main criteria in choosing local partners is their sharing our vision to solve the drinking water crisis in India and providing accessible clean and safe drinking water at a low cost to the people of India immediately.

9. In terms of business opportunity this can be huge potential. What plans you have for India – especially vis a vis its rural deployment?
As noted above, On July 4th, Water-Gen signed a memorandum of understanding with India's SUN Group, and the two companies agreed to cooperate in the distribution of Water-Gen's cutting-edge technology in the Indian market, with an emphasis on the Indian military, official institutions, and government agencies.

10. Please share the other technologies of Water-Gen and how they can benefit India?
In addition to its AWG line of products, which may also be powered by solar energy, Water-Gen has developed portable water filtration solutions, designed to handle emergencies and benefit victims in relief efforts, including a lightweight, battery energy operated filtration system for contaminated water resources, called the “Spring." Senior governmental officials and international military bodies are keen on utilizing Water-Gen's expertise with emergency and rescue devices to handle emergencies and with save and rescue missions.

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