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Empowering marginalized sections of society will be a focus area for me: Aishwarya Singh, 97th rank UPSC-2021

The Indian Civil Services examination is considered to be quite tough and challenging. What is your take?

The Civil Services examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is tough not simply because of the vast syllabus but also because of the fact that the entire cycle goes on for more than a year, testing not just one’s grit and determination but also one’s emotional stability.

First you were selected as an IRS officer but you were apparently keen to be a part of the Indian Administrative Service or Indian Police Service. Any specific reason!

I cleared the UPSC examination in 2019 and got into the IRS. I was under training when I qualified for the coveted exam with 97th rank. IRS is a great service, while IPS and IAS offer you unparalleled opportunities to be a part of the country’s development agenda, stay in direct contact with the grassroots, specifically in the case of empowering the marginalized sections of society.

It is extremely difficult to crack the UPSC exam. Many aspirants like you reappear to realize their IAS or IPS dream! How should we look at this trend?

If you have got the attempts and the determination, go for it!

How did you prepare yourself for UPSC exams while undergoing training as an IRS officer? What kept you going?

I had already written my Mains when I joined the IRS Academy for training. So I only had to take my interview under training, for which I would take out time regularly and keep myself updated with newspapers.

Being a daughter of a decorated police officer, do you think it will be easier for you to adapt to bureaucratic life?

While an early exposure to the life of a bureaucrat has moulded my thought process, the fact remains that my challenges as well as hurdles remain my own, and I will have to learn along the way.

What inspired you to take up Civil Services?

My father has been my biggest inspiration. He has stood by me not just as a friend, philosopher, and guide, but has also played a key role in making me who I am today and the choices that I made.

As a young bureaucrat, what are the areas you would like to focus on?

Social uplift of the weaker sections, gender empowerment, and better infrastructure shall be my focus.

What message would you like to give to aspiring Civil Servants?

It takes time, but it’s all worth it. Having the right strategy and determination is the key.

What are your hobbies? Do you get time to pursue them?

I enjoy baking and photography. They did take a back seat during preparation, but I plan on pursuing them once again.

Please do share some of the most tense and happiest moments of your life as a Civil Services aspirant, then an IRS officer and now as an IAS/IPS officer!


As an aspirant, the most tense moments were undeniably the days when the results were about to come out. As far as the happiest moment is concerned, it was definitely the realization that my UPSC journey was ending on a good note, with a service I wanted.

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