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The new National Education Policy (NEP) has certain impacts on the coaching industry but in a positive manner.



On Friday afternoon, the official circular for the cancellation of final examinations of Classes IX and XI and automatic promotion of students to the next class, in the wake of a rise in Covid-19 cases in the state, was issued while the announcement was made by Gaikwad on April 7.


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April 10, 2021

Why a liberal arts education could just be your cup of tea



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That mindset to solve problems, supported by a multidisciplinary education combining advanced technology with its estranged cousins — humanities, design and business — can catalyse the emergence of solutions



Covid-19 is the ‘black swan’ event of the 21st century. More than a year into its occurrence, it continues to wreak havoc, disrupting lives and livelihoods and impacting several economic sectors.





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