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Chote Kisan Bane Desh Ki Shaan is Our Motto, says PM Modi

PM Modi said the country must endeavor to enhance the collective power of farmers in his Independence Day speech from the ramparts of Red Fort.

"Chhota kisan bane desh ki shaan' is our motto. It's a fantasy of ours. In the next few years, we will need to strengthen the collective power of the country's small farmers by providing them with additional facilities. Today, 'Kisan rail' operates on more than 70 train routes across the country", stated PM Modi.

PM Modi went on to say that farmers have been given additional facilities and that they "must become the pride of the country."

Have to Focus on Next-Generation Infrastructure

PM Modi emphasized that the country must work together towards "next-generation infrastructure, world-class manufacturing, cutting-edge inventions, and new-age technology" in his address to the nation on India's 75th Independence Day.

"Today, the optical fibre network is delivering the power of data to villages, and the internet is getting there," Prime Minister Modi remarked, noting that infrastructure such as roads and electricity has reached villages in recent years.

"Digital entrepreneurs are becoming ready in villages too," the prime minister stated, claiming that local digital infrastructure is experiencing fast development.

Talks between the government and farmers have come to a halt.

PM Modi's appeal to small farmers comes as discussions between the latter and the government come to a standstill after farmer organizations dismissed the Centre's proposal to postpone the contentious farm laws for 2 years.

The most recent such meeting between the two groups took place on January 22, after which several farmers stated their willingness to restart talks with the administration.

Farmers are concerned that the new rules will put their interests ahead of those of corporations, resulting in the loss of the minimum support price for crops.

Source :- Krishi Jagran

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